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Treadmill Front Roller Pully Repair

  • Author Mark
  • Rating
  • Time 06:10
  • Media Flash video
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  • Size 62 MB

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Stemming from countless e-mails on the subject.
Mark Peterson shows you what to do to fix the pulley on a treadmills front roller, when it looses it's grip and slips.

Another easy, inexpensive, tech tip to save money.

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This did not work for our pulley - its too thin
04/14/2016 rgranata
Beware - pulleys like on our Nordic Track E3000 are too thin was this repair option. You can't drive screws through the top of the threads.
Different Type of Drive Roller Pulley
09/19/2015 Missybat
Hi Mark, AMAZING!!!! What Mark does in this video shows you how to fix your current roller/pulley without purchasing a new roller. Did I say AMAZING. Thank you so much for walking us through the repair of the treadmill drive roller pulley. Ours does More not have an inside area to put screws in. We are thinking we can just put the screws into the top of the pulley. Was hoping you could maybe give us some guidance on this. Thanks again.Less
Saved $150 Service Call and Cost of New Roller/...
06/03/2015 nhuffine
Thanks Mark! I saved $150 Service Call and buying a new Front Roller with Sheave/Pulley. Your fix worked perfectly, didn't need to buy any new parts, and only took me 30 minutes with my drill, drill bit, screws, and screwdriver. Landice L8 More Executive Trainer Treadmill back working perfectly. Thanks again! NickLess
Saved me dough and time!
04/08/2015 rwhite
I thank GOD I was led to this site and tutorial by you! I had been having all the problems you described, with my Nordic Track c2300 treadmill. I lubed the belt, adjusted the rear roller but the belt kept slipping when I was on it. I was just about More to order a new front roller and pulley for about 150.00 and the shipping would have taken 10-14 days! Man, you really saved me. Thank you for such a concise and plainly explained video. I appreciate it and you helped me get back to my fitness goals! GOD bless you!Less
Excellent Advice
02/02/2015 nlloyd
My treadmill's front roller pully was slipping. I tried everything from lubricating the belt deck to tightening the belt. I searched the internet and luckily found this video. I followed the video and it was fixed. Do make sure you have the proper More drill bits to drill into metal. Treadmill is now working. I almost ordered a new Front roller which was going to cost me $159 plus shipping. This only cost me about $3. ThanksLess
09/21/2013 tpresley
Repairing the front pully worked!
08/05/2013 jlogerquist
I had the problem Mark described in the video. I contacted the manufacturer Life Fitness and a local dealer with no luck and no help. They only wanted to come out and put on a new running belt for big bucks! That wouldn't have even solved the issue More I tried to describe to them. After figuring out the real problem I learned I can't even get a replacement front roller from anyone for my treadmill anymore since it was from 1999. I thought there must be a repair option when I came across Mark's video. Thanks tons Mark! The only thing I would add is it's not quite that easy drilling into a solid stainless steel roller like I had and getting the screws to grip. Make sure to have high quality steel cutting bits. The correct screws are very important too. The repair does work and I'm back in business.Less
Treadmill Front Roller Pully Repair
06/12/2013 barnet
The repair solution to install the self taping screws through the pulley into the roller body worked perfectly - no more slipping. Two dollars well spent!!
Its worth the $ to buy this lesson will save yo...
12/11/2012 sboote
Amazing! so glad I purchased well worth it.. save me big$$$ TY Mark! :D
Treadmill front roller - Hot tip!
07/22/2012 mike677
Very simple. Great idea.
06/12/2012 Rob18
So I picked up a high end "floor model" treadmill for real cheap, and soon encountered the mat sticking and slipping. I spent several hours tightening and loosening the belt to no avail. It never occurred to me till I ran across this video that it More could be the pulley slipping. To confirm, I put a piece of white masking tape on the roller so I could see if it was stopping. Sure enough. It also did not dawn on me that the pulley could have been made of cheap plastic (?). My model was one with a flush pulley like you mention toward the end, but instead of drilling down thru the top as you suggested, I just drilled from the side at about a 45 degree angle thru the pulley and into the roller. Sunk 3 evenly spaced screws and bravo! Fixed! Best $2 I ever spent. Thanks!Less
Excellent presentation
01/24/2012 Ram
It saved me $120 just on the part. Great job. I hope add such high quality videos for car repairs also.
Lifefitness HR 9000 Front roller pulley repair ...
12/18/2011 Susan72
Hi Mark, Thanks for the great visual tutorial on how to fix the front roller pulley on a treadmill. I have a Lifefitness HR 9000 and the belt was slipping. Troubleshooted and the problem was the pulley. I had to take the pulley out to drill the More holes and attach the screws but it was all worth it. Not a hard job at all. Saved me over $250 for a new front roller and also a service fee from Lifefitness, which would have been over $150 or more for sure. The treadmill is all fixed and the belt does not slip at all. Now I'm back to happy safe walking! Thankyou from Sydney Australia. Kind Regards SueLess
07/17/2011 Bruce15
What a concise and well done video. 2 bucks for the video and 10 minutes of time is all it took to make my treadmill work like new again You saved me from buying a $150. front roller that would eventually have done the same thing again and from all More the time it would have taken to put it in. Thanks again Mark, Bruce N.Less
Drive belt slipping
01/05/2011 Joe13
A really clear process for fixing a slipping motor drive belt, without removing the front roller.